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Profitability Calculator
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Profitability Calculator

This tool provides an easy way to calculate not only your profits but also how long the machine will take to payback. 
Simply enter your figures in the corresponding fields. The calculation is then performed automatically*.

Basic machine
Standard features in a stainless steel housing

Price for a 14 kg box of oranges

Material costs for 0.5 l of freshly squeezed Orange X-Press orange juice 
(based on a yield of approx. 6.0 l of juice from the 14 kg box of Orange X-Press juicy oranges)

Fixed costs for the 0.5 l bottle

Selling price for 0.5 l of freshly squeezed orange juice 
from Orange X-Press juicy oranges, in Orange X-Press juice bottles

Number of 14 kg boxes of juicy oranges used per day


Profit on a 0.5 l bottle

This Orange X-Press juice machine will payback in
* The calculation may be subject to slight rounding erros.
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