The machine
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A patented technique
with spring-loaded
star shaped reamers

The path to pure orange juice

Squeezing with spring-loaded star shaped reamers


Squeezing instead of crushing 
Thanks to a patented technique using spring-loaded star shaped reamers, our Orange X-Press juice machines produce orange juice with pulp but without bitter substances from the peel. It's as good as hand-pressed juice and retains the precious fibre, vitamins and secondary plant substances present in the fruit.



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  • Individual parts of the Orange X-Press machine
    The Orange X-Press juice machine halves the fruit accurately to ensure a consistently high yield of juice.
  • Individually printed
    Your custom design:
    choose from existing design films or create and attach your own - the choice is yours!
  • Easy handling
    Very easy handling and maintenance:
    the machine's spring-loaded star shaped reamers can be removed quickly and easily.

Technical Data

The perfect press for every customer

As individual as your requirements


Customer-oriented juice systems
Orange X-Press offers the perfect solution for every group of customers - in a supermarket or café, at the gym, at health-conscious companier, or for small-scale gourmet producers. We provide the ideal machines and bottles for your point of sale, as well as delicious oranges and reliable customer service.

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We offer complete packages for:

Gastronomy & Hotels
Gourmet Producers

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Retail Gastronomy & Hotels Cafeterias Offices Gyms Gourmet Producers.

Our machines offer something for everyone
Orange X-Press has the perfect juice machine for everyone's needs - from a space-saving model for tables and counters to a professional machine complete with a peel drawer or wheel-mounted base.