Juice machine in the supermarket

Our unique patent:
a clean solution for
top-quality juice.

Gentler juicing - higher juice yield

A patented method with impressive advantages

Orange X-Press is synonymous with a perfectly coordinated fresh juice system 
Compared with other juice extractors, Orange X-Press juice machines squeezes a greater volume of residue-free juice out of the same amount of oranges. 

We also offer a complete system, including everything from juice machines to specially designed bottles and top-quality juicy oranges - for orange juice in its most natural form: with pulp and without substances from the peel. Freshly squeezed instead of crushed!

Diese Vorteile sprechen für Orange X-Press:

  • Easy assembly thansk to a small number of individual parts
  • A closed system for clean handling
  • Stainless steel housing for a hygienic surface
  • Fast cleaning: in just 10 minutes by hand or simply in the dishwasher thansk to components made of stainless steel and high-quality plastics - done!
  • Visually attractive design
  • Customisation thanks to adhesive films

Enjoy the advantages of our Orange X-Press system:

  • No bitter substances
    Squeezing instead of crushing leaves 
    out bitter substances from the peel.

  • Up to 30 % higher yield
    BY squeezing the fruit, we deliver more juice to the glass -
    and that pays dividends!

  • 100 % pure and healthy juice
    Squeezing produces pure juice - for a better taste.

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